Stress in the workplace: 8 ways to manage it

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Workplace stress can have untold negative impacts on business productivity and employees’ physical and emotional well-being. According to a survey by American Psychological Association, more than one-third of American workers experience chronic work stress, thereby costing American businesses billions of dollars a year in lost work hours and employees’ medical bills.

The report reveals that work-related stress, if not properly managed, could consume thriving careers. Some of the reasons why people face stress in workplaces stem from excessive workloads, unfriendly work environment, isolation, managerial bullying, harassment, difficult relationship with co-workers and supervisor, lack of career advancement, and role conflict, among other things. Consistent stress at work if not quickly hampered could lead to chronic physical condition (diabetes, hypertension, weak immune system), poor mental condition (depression, anxiety, aggression, substance abuse), and poor social interaction (isolation, higher absenteeism, poor job performance).

So, if workplace stress threatens to overwhelm you, here is a list of simple, practical ways to manage the situation and gain control of your life.

Identify the source of stress: The first step towards managing workplace stress is to identify the trigger of the stressor. Try to be conscious of those factors responsible for your stressed condition. Once you can identify the trigger of the stress, then step-by-step efforts can now be taken to manage the stress.

Discuss with your supervisor: Most often than not, stress originates from overwhelming job load. To address this stress trigger, you need to learn how to say no when you’re being strained beyond your limit. Let your superiors know how you feel and how severe stress can reduce your productivity.

Stress Management

Develop positive approach to life: Having a positive approach can influence one’s relationship and attitudes to work and people. If you’re always happy, you will be warm enough to attract co-workers to yourself and such companionship can help you to keep stress away.

Engage in regular exercise: Adequate exercise will help elevate your mood, increase your energy, sharpen your focus and keep stress away by putting your body and mind in good shape.

Maintain good eating habit: Your choice of foods can impact on your stress level. Eat good diets, in the right quantity too, can help you maintain a sound healthy condition at work. This is because consuming too much food can make you feel lazy and stressful.

Create a good relationship with other co-workers and family members: Having a strong and cordial relationship with fellow workers and family members can provide shoulders on which you can lean your head when you need supports. A friendly environment will certainly kick stress away.

Endeavor to be organized: Unbundle your tasks and work on them bit by bit, rather than overwhelming yourself with everything at once. Organize your work and attend to tasks with high priority first. You can also delegate the less important ones to your subordinates. That way, you will have less worry about meeting deadlines.

Take a break: When you allow yourself to be overwhelmed with mounting work pressure, you are inviting stress into your life. Take a break and walk around while focusing your attention on things that make you feel happy. You can also discuss with some of your colleague on how to manage challenging work situations.

The bottom line is that adopting simple, practical steps as those discussed above can help you manage stress in your workplace given you the opportunity to have a fulfilled career and a happy stress-free life.

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