10 Vital Leadership Qualities That You Need To Have A Remarkable Professional Career

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Leadership is not as simple as having the authority to tell people anything that you want them to do. If you are not an effective leader, you will not be able to inspire people to accomplish the goals of your team. This can have an adverse impact on your professional career. Several research have shown that positive-thinking leaders who are able to inspire and employer their followers perform better and are more successful. Here are ten key leadership qualities that you need to be successful.


  1. Develop good communication and human connection

Great leaders have the ability to connect with their team members through effective communication skills. Trust and understanding can be developed if all parties are able to vividly express their ideas to the group. The technical capabilities and skills are not enough without the human connection. An effective leader, as the leadership writer Terry St. Marie describes, should espouse positivism, empathy, humility, love, and a sense of purpose.


  1. Be passionate in achieving your goals

People look for inspiration and guidance from their leaders. A genuine passion to achieve the goals of the group will result to a renewed vigor and enthusiasm for employees to work harder. As a leader, you should be passionate about the company and give 101% of your effort all the time. Remember, you cannot have a successful career if you are not passionate about it.


  1. Have a clear and concise vision

Leaders not only set the vision and goals of the team, but should also see to it that each member puts all of these to heart. John Maxwell, a leadership motivator and consultant, said that the vision of a leader does not come from position but rather from passion. Let every member of the team participate in strategic planning and involve them in making key decisions for the company.


  1. Inspire others to greatness

Great leaders recognize the hidden potential of the people around them. According to former US President John Quincy Adams, leaders should be able to inspire others to learn, dream, and do more to become better persons than they used to be.

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  1. Have the guts to acknowledge responsibility

You should always take full responsibility of your decisions and refrain from passing fault to your subordinates. We can take heed from one of Arnold Glasgow’s famous quotes: “A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit”.


  1. Continue to learn more

The amount of information that is generated worldwide is exponentially increasing. In order to remain competitive in the corporate world, you should always have a knack for gaining more knowledge. According to Seth Godin, we cannot outgrow our need for information.


  1. Establish a culture of professional excellence

Organizational culture drives the values, behavior, and work ethics of employees. A good leader should know the importance of instilling the culture of excellence in the workplace as Jack Welch puts it, “Culture drives results”. Employees must know that they have to give their best efforts in every tasks that are assigned to them.


  1. Always think positively

You should always focus on the positive things and never let setbacks discourage you to achieve your goals. You will have a happier disposition in life and be able to make the right judgments and decisions in work. Whenever you are disheartened always think of Helen Keller’s words that you should “keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow”.


  1. Be a role model and lead by example

If you really want to implement change and have an amazing career, it should always start with you just as Paolo Coelho said, “The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion”. People will follow you if you walk your talk and show them how things should be done.


  1. Stay humble enough to accept feedback

The renowned leadership speaker Ken Blanchard once said that “Feedback is the breakfast of champions”. Even when you are at the top of your game and success has already dawned upon you, always be humble enough to receive criticisms and feedback. This will help you improve any weaknesses and sustain success.


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